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Game commands

.drink invisDrink invisibility
.trackcrystalTrack Crystal
.drink healDrink Heal
.drink manaDrink Mana
.drink refreshDrink Refresh/Stam
.drink cureDrink Cure
.drink explUse Explosion bottle
.drink stoneDrink Stone
.drink balrogDrink Balrog
.drink strDrink Strenght
.drink wisDrink Wisidom
.drink restDrink Restoration
.drink fireDrink Firepower
.drink arcaneDrink Arcane power
.drink destroDrink Destruction
.drink titansDrink Titans
.drink mangustDrink Mangust
.drink wizDrink Wizzard oil
.drink hprDrink Health Regen
.drink mprDrink Mana Regen
.drink spellprotDrink Spell protection
.drink spellpowerDrink Spell power
.drink vamp_bloodDrink Vampires blood
.drink reflectionDrink Reflection
.drink partDrink Particle
.drink stoneshieldDrink Stone shield
.usepoisonUse poison potion
.buffsDisplay good buffs/magic effects
.questWatch your quest status
.combatShows your attack power and critical rating
.resistShows your magic resistance
.usebandageUse bandages
.usetrapedUse trapped
.whereTells your position coordinates
.fixstatsIf your stats (str/dex/int) has decriesed somehow, type this command.
.give_cloakIf you are in guild, and you lost your cloak, you can retrive it by this command.
.quitguildQuit from guild
.c [text]Say text to guild members
.gonlineGuild members - who is online
cashpot [gp]Go to the banker and say: cashpot 100000 , and your money will be stored in to a small "cash pot"
.campMake max possible campfire to your level
questTake a quest from vendors
.hungryTells if you are hungry
.morph [1-12]Will polymorph you to your favorite character. Example: .morph 5
.pvmEnable / Disable PvM. Use only in Street Market!
.OnlineTimeShow your online time in game
.langChange game language (Quests desc. etc)
.eat paralyzeEat Paralyze fish
.eat anti_paralyzeEat Anti-Paralyze fish
.eat anti_poisonEat Anti-Poison fish
.eat cureEat Instant Cure fish
.eat goldenEat Golden Power Fish
.gpShow your gold amount
.wgp_pot [wgp]Your wgp will be stored in to a small "pot"
.wgpShow your wgp amount
.points_pot [points_name],[amount]Any event points will be stored in to a small "pot". Available pots are: fb, tp, cp, zp etc. Example: .points_pot cp,5
.dropalldrop all your items into backpack under you
.expShows your experience (every 500 000 exp, gives you 1 talent point)
.statsshow your stats
.talentsshow and modify your talents
undresssay undress to undress your vendor
.no_crash_fixDisable/Enable crashfix on teleport.

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